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To have http redirects in a sharepoint we can use something like this in the web.config file

<location path=”oldpage1.htm”>
<httpRedirect enabled=”true” destination=”newpage1.html” exactDestination=”true” httpResponseStatus=”Permanent” />

One simple way of doing it using PowerShell is to use the SPWebConfigModication object.

The following script can achieve that


$Owner = “redirectMod”
$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication $Url


$modification = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebConfigModification
$modification.Path = “configuration”;
$modification.Name = “redirect-1” ;
$modification.Sequence = 0;
$modification.Owner =$Owner;
$modification.Type = 0 # EnsureChildNode;
$modification.Value = “<location path='”+$from+”‘><system.webServer><httpRedirect enabled=’true’ destination='”+$to+”‘ exactDestination=’true’ httpResponseStatus=’Permanent’ /></system.webServer></location>”;

Start-Sleep -Seconds 2;
Write-Host “.” -NoNewline
$configJobRunning = IsWebConfigModificationJobPendingOrRunning $webApp;
}while ($configJobRunning);


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The list/library template you just created by saving List or library as a template is not showing up when you try to create a new list/library based on that template.


One thing to check first is to go to the List templates Gallery (Site settings-> List templates under web designer galleries).

If the template in question does NOT have product Version and Feature ID assigned. Then the problem might be that the ParserEnabled property is set to false on that site.



Using PowerShell , set the ParserEnabled property to true.

$web = Get-SPWeb <url of web>
$web.ParserEnabled = $true


Reference: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2779729


Thanks to


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For some reason if you set the Properties Hashtable of the File added as (“Title”, “TitleValue”), sharePoint just ignores it.


The Trick is to set the Title using (“vti_title”, “TitleValue”)

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when developing a custom SPD 2010 workflow activity using Visual Studio , sometimes you can get an error saying “"Cannot find property named PROPERTYNAME on activity type ACTIVITYNAME" when trying to assign a parameter to a workflow activity. This can especially occur if the parameter is newly added to the activity (I.e. your previous version of the activity did not have this parameter or  it had it with a different name.

a solution might be to close the SPD and clear the cache at:

Windows 7:
Delete all the files and folders in this folder

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SharePoint Designer
Delete all the files and folders in this folder


Reference: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/el-GR/sharepoint2010customization/thread/df776261-17d3-4771-88bb-572cf7b1df5d

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For some reason when creating a custom ribbon action with Visual studio it seems that no matter what you do, the ribbon button or action are never updated.

The Solution that worked for me is

1) retract the solution

2) delete the feature from the Visual studio project

3) Create a new feature in the visual studio project and add the custom ribbon action

4) deploy the new feature.

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This post shows how important the Hard Drive rpm rate in the overall performance of the system http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/11/01/tip-trick-hard-drive-speed-and-visual-studio-performance.aspx

Another post also talks about the same point http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000800.html

Here are also some tips about speeding up visual studio http://dotnettipoftheday.org/tips/speedup_visual_studio.aspx (Note that some of them affect some scenarios so make sure you know the effect of any change before appying it)

This is a hotfix to address some performance issues when debugging ASP.NET project with visual studio http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/08/21/public-hotfix-patch-available-for-vs-2005-f5-debugging-performance-issue-with-asp-net.aspx

Effective Writing:

In a podcast about effective business writing (great podcasts by the way http://www.manager-tools.com/complete-index), the show mentioned the Army guidelines for effective writing as one of the best, here it is http://chppm-www.apgea.army.mil/imo/DDB/writ-tip.htm

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