• You keep getting the exception HRESULT: 0x800708C5 with the Active directory membership provider change password indicating that the password used does not conform to the domain password policy.
  • As an admin, you are able to update the user password using that same password.


Probable cause:

  • The active directory policy can be set to allow a “minimum password age”, i.e. users cannot change their own password before it is at least X days (default 1). The Administrator though does not have such restrictions when trying to update a user’s password.
  • This can be checked at Start->Administrative tools->Group policy Management->Navigate the tree to the domain-> default domain policy –>right click edit->computer configuration –>policies –>windows settings->security settings-> account policies->password policy->check the entry for “minimum password age”
  • If you want to reset it (mainly for development/testing purposes), just change it to zero. then go to command line gpupdate /force to apply the new policy


A FxCop for CSS style sheets: http://madskristensen.net/post/Introducing-CSSCop-FxCop-for-stylesheets.aspx

In order to grant authenticated FBA users access to a custom application page (/_layouts page), please follow these steps:

  • The Page should inherit from LayoutsPageBase (Making it inherit from UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase will grant anonymous access to this page).
  • Override the Properties RightsRequired and RequireDefaultLayoutsRights

       protected override SPBasePermissions RightsRequired
               SPBasePermissions permissionRequired = SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
               return permissionRequired;

       protected override bool RequireDefaultLayoutsRights
               return false;


This will grant authenticated FBA users access to this _Layouts page.


The new (just released) release of DotNetNuke  (enterprise edition) can now integrate with SharePoint to expose a document library on the internet. More at: http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Resources/Blogs/EntryId/3133/SharePoint-integration-in-DotNetNuke-6.aspx




The guidance for SP 2010 with SP1 has the limit for the content database at 4TB. That size includes the RBS BLOB files.

Tools and Techniques for .NET Code Profiling: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/hh288073.aspx

BizTalk 2010 Released